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So Facebook founder “the connector” Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is Time Person of the Year 2010, triumphing over a more politically contentious runner up Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and joining the ranks of winning heads of state including Barack Obama (2008), along with You (2006), Amazon’s Jeff Bezos (1999), the Computer (1982) and the Whistleblowers (2002).

If there were a Social Commerce Person of the Year 2010, the 26 year-old Zuckerberg would be a contender too, thanks to the launch this year of the popular and easy to deploy FB open graph protocol/social plugins that add a social layer to e-commerce sites – as well as providing the plumbing to allow e-commerce on the world’s favorite social platform.

And with the accelerator yet to be pressed on FB Deals and Credits, Zuckerberg-flavored social commerce may only have just begun.

And contenders for Person of the Year 2011? – Groupon’s Andrew Mason?