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A new ad agency, Victors & Spoils, has just launched – an open outsourcing/crowdsourcing/cloudsourcing platform that will run open outsourcing prize contests to generate marketing creative.   No indication yet as to whether Victor and Spoils will be an e-commerce site – selling marketing solutions directly online to marketing buyers as per Crowdspring, or if it will use social media tools to do it (rating, voting, commenting), but if so it will be another example of social commerce in B2B.

Although e-commerce sites for business solutions such as Crowdspring, 99designs and potentially Victors and Spoils are not usually on the social commerce radar, I believe there is a huge potential here.  Imagine, for example, a social commerce site for procurement departments – where B2B buyers could buy software, office supplies, reports etc through a group-buy mechanism.  It just makes sense.  If I were groupon.com, or eWinWin – I’d be looking at group-buy for business – or if I was PowerReviews, I’d be looking at a Buzillions review site for business.

But back to Victors & Spoils – what’s interesting is the some of the people behind it – John Winsor (crowdsourcing guru) and Evan Fry from CP+B, the agency that likes to rock the boat – and has done so most recently by starting to solve client briefs with open outsourcing contests.  Joining John and Evan is Claudia Batten, who founded Massive, the in-game advertising agency.  Expect interesting things from this team.