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Anything you can do, we can do better – says Paramount to Disney.

Recently, Disney began selling tickets for movie theatre screenings on Facebook movie pages.  Now Paramount Pictures is doing the same, but with a slicker app. Check out the 8thBridge Facebook movie ticketing app for the upcoming Transformers 3 film.

Paramount has teamed up with online ticketing agent Fandango and MovieTickets.com to make it happen.  For us, fan-ticketing is a no brainer for f-commerce, and we really like the simplicity of 8thBridge’s FB ticketing app (although this version of the app won’t work on iPads/iPods (flash…)).  We especially like that the movie trailer is embedded in the app – a like button to show that we like the trailer would have added a welcome touch of social mojo, as would seeing a special/exclusive fan-trailer not available elsewhere.  But that’s just greedy.

If you check out the “feedback” Disney has received over the now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t Tickets Together FB app, keeping it simple may be a smart move for Paramount.  Nevertheless, we’d like to see a little more fan-love accompany ticket selling on Facebook – advance sales for fans only and/or discounts to a FB Transformers movie merchandise store that is just screaming out to be there, but isn’t (yet).

Take a long hard look at what 8thBridge, Milyoni and Moontoast are doing with movies, music and media on Facebook.  As we’ve suggested in our free download 2011 f-commerce report, they are circling in on something that could be very big – Facebook as fan-media.