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The good folks over at Social Media Intelligence have published a downloadable PowerPoint version of their popular ‘history of f-commerce’ infographic (the use of Facebook to facilitate and execute transactions). (Embedded below, SlideShare download link).

The default download format is PPSX (PowerPoint slideshow) – so you don’t want to doubleclick it to open (or you’ll just get an un-editable full screen slideshow).  Instead download the file, open Powerpoint independently, and then browse to and open the file from within PowerPoint (either from the welcome screen or file -> open).  This will give you an editable and savable version (save as a PPTX/PPT file) and then you’ll be all set with liberated and usable content (with of, course, attributions).

Given the success of the f-commerce infographic and presentation – hopefully the SMI will treat us with more social commerce graphic delights; next up, a ‘history of group-buy’ infographic/deck would be sweet, what with the upcoming IPO of Groupon and Facebook Deals traction.

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    Przegląd prasy ecommerce 22 lipca 2011 – eKomercyjnie.pl

    […] The History of F-Commerce – PowerPoint Version » Świetna prezentacja na temat dotychczasowego rozwoju f-commerce. Trochę historii i bardzo dużo ciekawych liczb (są nawet średnie wartości zamówień niektórych facebookowych sprzedawców). Koniecznie zerknijcie. […]

  • Corey Capasso
    Corey Capasso

    The first transaction to take place on Facebook was in 2007, through an application called Facebook foodcourt, in which a people could order food from a local restaurant and fully check out with a credit card all inside Facebook.