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Here’s a brilliant infographic just out from the Financial Times showing the eye-watering sums that Facebook founders and investors stand to gain from today’s $104bn ($38/share) IPO. From Zuckerberg’s $19.1bn to his dad’s $76m. Not a bad return on genetic investment for Edward – we wonder if he’ll cash in?


  • Mark Zuckerberg $19.1bn
  • Eduardo Saverin $5.2bn
  • Dustin Moskovitz $5.1bn
  • Sean Parker $2.65bn
  • Peter Thiel $1.1bn
  • Edward Zuckerberg $76m
Early Investors
  • Accel $1.9bn
  • DST $1.7bn
  • Goldman Sachs $1.4bn
  • mail.ru $1.4bn
  • Elevation Partners $1.3bn
  • Meritch $1.3bn
  • Tiger $1.2bn
  • La-Ka-Shing $780m
  • T Rowe Price $691m
  • Interpublic $520m
  • Mark Pincus (Zynga) $163.6m
  • Reid Hoffman $143.3m