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Facebook has just launched its official Facebook for Business hub, consolidating and synthesising various previously existent pages and resources.  Under three themes, ‘Build a Presence’, ‘Engage Your Community’ and ‘Get the Word Out’ Facebook provides 8 building blocks for for boosting business with Facebook

Build a presence
1. Create a Page: Treat your Facebook Page like a hub where people can connect with you, learn what you have to offer and become your fans
2. Claim your Place and let people check in: Link your Page to a Place so people can let their Facebook friends know whenever they check in to your store or website
3. Make your website social: Add the Like button and other social features to your website to create engaging, personalized experiences on and off Facebook
[x. Add a Store: Add a Facebook fan-store to your Facebook presence to provide your Facebook presence with a business case]

Engage your community
4. Join the conversation: Use your Page to post regular updates and offer special content to generate comments, likes and loyalty
5. Build relationships: Get to know your fans and make people feel at home by responding to Page feedback in a predictable, timely way
6. Gain valuable insights: Learn how your audience is interacting with your Page and make adjustments to increase engagement
[x. Drive involvement: Engage your audience as advisors on what and how you sell]

Get the word out
7. Create an Ad: Run highly effective Facebook Ads to get the word out to exactly who you want using targeting criteria such as interests, location and more
8. Amplify word of mouth: Set up Sponsored Stories to take advantage of friends talking to friends about your business
[x. Activate advocacy: Get the word out by activating fan advocacy with fan-exclusives and referral incentives]

Ok, so it’s all a little motherhood and apple pie, and there are vested interests at play, with Facebook pushing it’s paid-for services – ad units (classic and word of mouth (‘Sponsored Stories’) versions). Nevertheless it’s a nice, jargon-free distillation of current best-practice Facebook marketing, and a useful framework for structuring your Facebook strategy.  As you’ll see we’ve layered an additional social commerce recommendation to each rubric in order to extend this into a social commerce framework, compatible with this ‘official’ version.  Let us know what you think.

Interestingly, Facebook is pushing itself (rightly so – in our eyes) as ultimately a word of mouth platform, explaining that the point of engagement is not engagement, but word of mouth, and signing off on its 8 tips with the did-you-know? insight “Word of mouth marketing has been found to be two times more effective at driving results than traditional advertising”.

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