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For anyone caught in a time warp and still thinks your Facebook strategy should be about ‘engagement’ (whatever the vague notion of engagement actually denotes), here’s some get-real data suggesting that your Facebook strategy should be about deals and shopping, not ‘engagement’, conversations, relationships or any of that Cluetrain jazz – in the UK at least.

This from a Toluna/eConsultancy national representative survey of UK respondents:

  • 19% follow brands on Facebook (slight female, youth, affluent bias)
  • 70% do so for special offers
  • Most follow 2-5 brands
  • Most un-follow because of lack of special offers, dull/inappropriate frequency of updates
  • 25% have made a purchase via a brand’s Facebook page
  • 52% have recommended a brand on Facebook

Checkout the dynamic survey results page to carve up data by age, sex, education and income.