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Stylefeeder is a social shopping site that works like a personal shopping assistant, picking out personal recommendations for clothes, shoes, jewellery and accessories based on stuff you like, and the stuff people with similar taste profiles to you like.  Think of it as Netflix Cinematch or Pandora for fashion.

Under the bonnet, Stylefeeder is a collaborative filtering/social recommender system which, based items you bookmark into your “stylefeed” whilst browsing the web, learns about your taste.  Then, based on similarities in taste profiles in Stylefeeder’s user base, the Stylefeeder search engine proposes fashion items you might like.

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It’s a groovy promise, that could evolve into a fashion genome project that seeks to decode the DNA of style.  Stylefeeder even offers an API.  But among the myriad of social shopping sites out there now, I haven’t found one that offers price comparison with all three of the major strands of social shopping; recommendations, reviews and registries (and perhaps co-browsing – something stylefeeder used to offer).  Now, that would be the blueprint for a personal shopping assistant worth talking about…

Below, short promo videos for Stylefeeder Search and Stylefeeder Bookmarking

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