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Short post – useful article over at the Harvard Business Review from Alan Richardson of design and innovation firm frog, outlining the four digital technologies you need to be working with to future-proof your brand.  Are you using all four?

  1. Microprocessing Technology – making products smarter by giving them processing power via the cloud
  2. Sensor Technology – making products smarter with motion, orientation, location and image sensors
  3. Wireless Technology – making products smarter by connecting them and their users wirelessly 3G, 4G, WiFi, bluetooth or NFC
  4. Database Technology – making products smarter with data, using databases – in the cloud – to offer personalisation and customisation.
Of course, we’d add social technology to the list – helping people connect with each other, but the frog four is a good back-pocket checklist for thinking beyond social. Examples of brands using all four technologies: Netflix, Zipcar, Mint.com, Nike+, Amazon, the Nintendo Wii, and the Apple iPhone.