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Here’s a speed summary of one of the smartest presentations on e-commerce trends we’ve come across lately, 2012 trends in e-commerce from Cedric Deniaud of the Paris-based agency The Persuaders (embedded below).

Alas the original is in French, but here’s what you need to know in English

  • Take a look at eBay or Amazon’s home page from 10 years ago, and you’ll think not much has changed in e-commerce
  • Amazon still rules the e-commerce world, with it’s main marketplace site, vertical niche boutiques (zappos, way, beautybar), and subscription shops (diapers, soap)
  • But three key trends are transforming e-commerce – disruptive technology (html 5, oauth), social media (through social commerce), and mobile devices

Trend 1: Disruptive Experiences 

  • Rich commerce (3D, AR, interactive video, virtual models)
  • Single Page Stores (Blixt&Dunder, Flaek)
  • Simple Stores (Read Sweater, Bucky Cubes) (inc. one product per category – just buy this one)
  • Dynamic Pricing (decreasing wonderprice, blind auctions (deal de ouf), micro-flash promos (4 seconds to buy)

Trend 2: Social Commerce

  • Buyer Communities (gdgt)
  • Group-Buy
  • Shop and Share (just bought it)
  • Curation (Polyvore)
  • Community Recommendations (Fashism)
  • Co-Browsing
  • F-Commerce (facebook store)
  • F-Commerce (facebook store-front (redirects))

Trend 3: Mobile

  • Mobile apps (price comparison)
  • Mobile apps (e-commerce)
  • Mobile apps (personalisation)
  • Mobile apps (loyalty)
  • Mobile apps (catalogues – touch-enabled)
  • New mobile devices screens (tablets, in-car, photoframes, media players)


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    Lauren Proctor

    Great article, great presentation. I don’t think enough e-commerce trend reports give credit to things like OAuth and APIs so I was glad to see a little bit of that in this report. I’m consistently impressed by the innovations that sprout up from API functionality, and the access to this kind of shared data is growing quickly. Our current count of 4,000 APIs today may not seem like much, but the number of available APIs has doubled every 12 months since 2006.

    When it comes to mobile, social commerce, and everything else, these new purchase models are creating exciting opportunities.

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    simple ecommerce

    great information.,maybe other e commerce should trend better..is a nice information that you already summarize the result for the best trend ecommerce.

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