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Hip all-natural açaí berry powered Euro-energy drink 28Black (so-called because it adds 4 hours to your day) shifted 10,000 cans in 28 hours on the Facebook-embeddable social shopping widget sellaround.net.

It’s a useful proof-of-concept for social commerce widgets that can be embedded in blogs and shared across social media newsfeeds. Alexander Exner, Director of Marketing at Luxembourg-based CALADRIS 28 – the company behind 28Black, believes that “selling over the widgets is a great alternative to the traditional web shop.”

It’s refreshing to have some numbers beyond the hype – hint, hint other social commerce platforms.

Sellaround, a German social commerce outfit from Stuttgart that helps brands turn loyal fans into brand advocates by enabling fans to buy directly from widgets on Facebook, Twitter, websites, blogs and as QR codes that reward them for spreading the word (see video below).



  • Aaron Luckie
    Aaron Luckie

    This is a fantastic idea – great thumbs up to the team over at Sellaround.

    It will be interesting to see if Facebook actually offer this as a feature to brands/merchants themselves in the near future in order to increase social commerce.

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C

    wishful thinking, but would be really interested in seeing the metrics behind this all (e.g., did they do any discounting, how popular is it in europe, where did the new sales come from) to understand why this was successful for them. looks like it’s a relatively new product that they only started blogging about 2 months ago (don’t recognize the brand), so would be curious if the widget really was some secret sauce, or if they used it in a clever way (or if it wasn’t the f-commerce app, but some other thing they did).

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