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One of our favorite social commerce apps, and the first to win a Cannes Lion award, Pay With a Tweet, just received a slick makeover.

The new interface for the free app makes it easier than ever to ‘sell’ digital goodies on Twitter for the price of a tweet.

If you’re not familiar with Pay With A Tweet, it’s a free ‘social locker’ service that hides a digital file behind a custom pay with a tweet button that can be placed on any web page.  If clicked the user is prompted to tweet about the offer, and once tweeted, the goody can be downloaded.  Much copied, but never bettered, it’s simple, and it’s smart.

The new version now allows users to set a maximum number of downloads and an expiration date for the offer.  The button generator is also a lot more intuitive now.

The developers, Leif Abraham & Christian Behrendt are also offering a white labelled version for businesses and brands.  Leif has headed out West to SF after a 3 year stint at R/GA NYC.


  • Liam

    Hi Paul,

    Just to make this article more rounded, I just want to add that our company Virally – http://virallyapp.com – has been offering a business-focussed “social payment” platform for 6 months now. We have secure file hosting and support LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

    We aren’t as super simple as PWAT and not going after the same market: we’re focussed squarely on professionals and marketers – but it would be great to run through the platform with your readers sometime.

    Thanks :)

  • Luke

    Oh, they did a great job and a lot functionality that is remarkably useful, but in the Much Copied link there should be estago buttons link added. And I can’t agree with “Much copied, but never bettered, it’s simple, and it’s smart.” sentence.

    Estago is a better version of PWT. It gives button customization, cheaters protection, U can add Google Analytics Tracking to your button and of course use the full tracking available in your estago buttons dashboard, so U know how many buttons you have and what usage do they get.