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App developer specialising in social media and entertainment, Milyoni has just released a new infographic summarising the results of a live concert event on Facebook featuring GRAMMY-nominated Christian singer Jeremy Camp.

The May 9 concert brought in over 10,000 viewers from 47 countries worldwide, and between them they shared 2,700 comments during the live show and liking what they were seeing (proof of demand for adding a social layer to online events). Jeremy Camp’s Facebook page saw 25,000 more likes/fans after the concert, a 28% growth.  Along with the concert, fans could support Camp’s nonprofit Speaking Louder Ministries through a $5 pledge for individuals or $20 for youth groups and receive a 60-day, all-access pass to content from Camp, accessed through the Facebook app.

We’re bullish about the (premium) social + streaming combo because they fit like hand in glove.  Both are live media, and streaming gives people something to talk about and share, whilst social gives streaming a viral edge.  Social channels also make for cost-effective distribution platforms for reaching ‘high involvement’ niche markets.  Expect to see more of this.

Facebook has an early lead on premium (PPV) streaming in social over Google’s YouTube – which should be all over this but isn’t.  But until Facebook video is as intuitive and user-friendly as YouTube, the platform is exposed.  Sure Facebook should be putting its smartest people on mobile.  But with Apple TV round the corner and online video rentals booming – we’d be putting smartest teams on video too.

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