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Here’s a trinity of useful infographics that flesh out the rise of the SoLoMo consumer – smart consumers who shop with social, location-aware and mobile technology.

The first from Dublin-based VendorShop reports that when Facebook stores that incentivise sharing increase sharing by 55%, and that sharing converts at 20%.

If you’ve already downloaded our new report on f-commerce, you’ll already know the evidence-based and theoretically-informed  success formula for Facebook stores.  Bottom-line Facebook stores work when they offer

  • Exclusives (fan-first/fan-only)
  • Involvement (you invite fans to become brand advisors)
  • Incentives (you offer fans incentives for spreading the word)

The second infographic is compelling, if data-heavy, illustration of the smart shopper who shops with location-aware mobile technology from the Microsoft tag team.  A few choice stats and insights from the infographic:

  • Half of all local searches are done via mobile
  • 8.5% of all e-commerce (global) will be via mobile handsets by 2015 ($119bn)
  • 10 ways smart consumers use mobile technology to shop smarter
    1. Discuss with friends
    2. Read reviews
    3. Make lists
    4. Compare alternatives
    5. Collect loyalty points
    6. Read more info
    7. Join online chat
    8. View maps
    9. Use check-in coupons
  • 12 key features of mobile shopping apps
    1. Browse products
    2. Send gifts
    3. In-store event info
    4. Store locator
    5. Responses to questions
    6. Create wish lists
    7. Same day delivery
    8. View mobile deals
    9. Photo item for reviews
    10. Get reminders
    11. Gift cards
    12. Product reviews
    13. Benefit from group deals

And third, a brilliant download to read and keep primer on the mobile ecosystem from Econsultancy, chock full of stats and facts (US).


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      Hi .. thanks for this. Really usefully summarised through the infographics. The figures quoted in them are really compelling in the Influence the Conversion and Results segments. Excellent.

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