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If you’re selling with social media, you need to stand out from the fast-paced conversational crowd and clutter and make an impression.  There’s a useful article over at the Harvard Business Review, that offers three useful pointers for doing just that – how to make a good impression fast, using from best practise in the ad industry (using the Blink technique from Malcolm Gladwell that unpacks the the genius of intuition – ask experts to make fast intuitive decision or choice, and then look for similarities that pattern their choices)

  • Capture your audience’s attention. What device will you use to grab attention — humor, aesthetics, emotions, surprise, or something else?
  • Convey a clear message. What’s the key message your target audience needs to understand?
  • Focus on differentiation. What distinctive quality do you have that differentiates you from the rest?

Simple, but smart.

  • Phoen

    Wow. You have a firm grasp of the obvious.

    • Paul

      Obvious, in principle, but in practice not so – the whole ‘conversational’ tone of social media means vendors miss the obvious – capturing attention with a clear message that focuses on differentiation…