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Here’s yesterday’s PBS (WHRVHearSay with Cathy Lewis) show on Groupon and the associated couponing trend (back on the rise in the US).

PBS Show on Groupon (50min)

The show includes the flurry of usual statistical suspects (below) and runs for nearly an hour, with listeners calling in (mostly to heart Groupon), but it makes good drive-time/commute listening – and demonstrates the appeal of Groupon from a shopper perspective.

  • Groupon is the “fasting growing company ever” – growing faster than EBay, Yahoo, Facebook or Google grew – founded November 2008
  • Only company to have been valued at more than a billion dollars faster the You Tube
  • Groupon has a $1.3bn valuation
  • You Tube has yet to turn a profit, but Groupon was in the black in its first 7 months
  • On track for $500m revenue this year
  • The recent Gap Groupon ($50 value for $25) sold 200,000 group coupons before noon (10/second)
  • Groupon is part of revived trend of couponing (50% of Americans use coupons – up from last year)
  • Consumers that clip grocery coupons spend more than non-coupon users
  • Coupons may be for necessities, Groupons may be used for non-necessities luxuries
  • Groupon will be soon be offering more targeted “personalized” offers based on zip codes

And to wrap up, a refresher on Groupon – what it is, how it works.

…And just for completeness, a Fox Business news slot from this week covering Groupon (You Tube link Fox doesn’t do embedding)…

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