NYPD: How not to do content marketing

Today, the NYPD is reaping the rewards of outsourcing content production in it’s #myNYPD content marketing campaign to unpaid consumers.

The good news is that campaign has become a huge success – the request from the NYPD for people to tweet a photo of themselves with police officers – along with #myNYPD hashtag has resulted in #myNYPD becoming one of the top trending terms on Twitter. Kudos!

The bad news is that people are busying themselves posting images of police brutality.

What was the NYPD expecting? Officers with kittens?

It’s as if a bad idea from some forgotten UGC-tastic social media past – before we knew about Sturgeon’s Law (90%+ of all content – including UGC – sucks) – fell into the future that is today. 

It’s a salutary lesson for brands.  When it comes to content marketing – think very carefully about to whom you outsource content production.



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