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“But that’s landfill marketing”.

So here’s how to kill a campaign idea (and offend a marketer).  Accuse them of doing “landfill marketing” – producing unwanted and unloved marketing refuse and waste from useless, mindless and pointless campaigns, usually using social media.

And here’s a neat formula:

Social Media + Campaign Mentality = Landfill Marketing

That’s the subject of a great presentation “Let’s Kill Landfill Marketing”  by Tim Malbon – that’s gone viral over at Slideshare – from UK digital agency, Made by Many, specialising in co-creation of social products and networked services.

We love the term “landfill marketing”; it’s so mean, yet so true.  The forgotten, unloved and abandoned flotsam and jetsam of marketing.  Are social media campaigns – like much advertising – the bum-fluff of human culture?

Examples of “landfill marketing” – according to Made by Many include

  • Gap “Denim Confessions” Campaign where people are invited to share the most daring place they’ve worn/removed jeans (sigh)
  • Kingsmill (bread brand) and its Kingsmill Confessions campaign clogging up YouTube with mindless and pointless digital landfill
  • McCain’s Say Goodbye to Guilt Facebook campaign where people are invited to share and broadcast guilty secrets with the brand
  • Nando’s (restaurant chain) ‘Nando’s Noise’ YouTube campaign – share what you say when you hear Nando’s brand, mix it and share some more
  • Brands teaming up with Blipped to add augmented/degraded reality landfill (Tesco, Marmite, Cadbury’s)… (okay, actually we quite like this…)

Yep, it’s a Keenian attack on UGC and The Cult of the Amateur, but it’s also more than that – it’s an attack on what is set to become the bane of the internet ‘social spam’.

Rather than do landfill marketing and manufacture social spam, what the deck argues for is – as you’d guess – utility; building digital products with social technology that help people do stuff. Okay so, it’s all a bit Ideo, but great stuff – a kind of Cluetrain Manifesto for Digital Design.  Worth a read.

  • Bob C
    Bob C

    And exactly how are marketing campaings different to the social media pyramids schemes you peddle on this blog? Those who live in glass house, etc.

    • Paul Marsden
      Paul Marsden

      Hello Bob, glad you found the summary of what we thought was a thought-provoking deck worthy of a comment.
      So, that’ll be raw nerve then? And a glass house built by Madoff…
      Helping people shop with social intelligence as a pyramid scheme? Interesting read on social commerce.

  • CHET

    What exactly is this landfill marketing? in laymen language