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Here’s a free download for SCT readers; The introductory summary chapter from our latest book just out The F-Commerce Handbook – 10 Secrets for Unlocking the Sales Potential of Facebook (paper version, Kindle version)

Published by McGraw Hill, The F-Commerce Handbook is a book about doing f-commerce right. It’s about learning from the growing number of 100,000+ businesses using their Facebook Pages not just to engage but to sell.  It’s about the $1.5 billion+ of e-commerce transactions completed on Facebook in 2011.  It’s about the big brands that have cracked f-commerce – Zynga, Ticketmaster, Fab, NBA, Heinz, Burberry, Oscar de la Renta, Unilever, P&G – and the innovative software companies helping them. And it’s about the top insights from Social Commerce Today, distilled down into ten secrets for unlocking sales on Facebook.

Enjoy the free download, and let us know what you think.