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Wakeup call for any consumer marketing laggards who have yet to switch to a post-PC digital strategy.  Consumer sales of PCs are set to fall by a precipitous 15% in 2013, according to latest figures the industry IDC tracker, the worst fall on record.  In 2014, tablets are set to represent half of all computer sales.

Factor in business sales to IDC figures, and the global PC fall is still in double digits at -10.1%. Interestingly, laptop sales are hit even harder (-11.2%) than desktop sales (8.6%).

2013 PC Sales*

  • Worldwide -10.1% (349.4M)
  • Mature Markets** -8.4% (144.1M)
  • Emerging Markets*** -11.3% (205.2M)

So, if you or your agency haven’t made the switch to a post-PC digital strategy (clue – your agency is still presenting you with PC screen mockups), now is the time.



* Estimated

** Mature Markets include U.S., Western Europe, Japan, and Canada.

*** Emerging Markets includes Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan), Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa.