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You can’t buy a Dell on Facebook (yet).  But you can of course keep up with what’s new at Dell – deals and products – from their Facebook page news feeds and via a customer support app, you can get support directly from within Facebook.  And now you can also explore, learn and share information about Dell products through their new Facebook user review app.

The Dell Tag Team review app (screenshots below) on Facebook allows you to explore product reviews from a tag cloud of functional keywords describing what the products are used for – connecting with friends, video editing, data analysis etc.

You can zoom into the tag cloud to reveal less popular and more esoteric tags and then select one or more tags to see a filtered list of products – with reviews – used for the selected tag activities.

The app also supports product search if the whole tag cloud thing seems a little 2007.  You can then like, share or post your own reviews.

In all, the Dell Tag Team review app simply replicates functionality in product reviews software on e-commerce sites – such as PowerReviews tag-based review software.

And the app, as it stands, is a bit of an island – it doesn’t yet link through to an e-commerce store or cart, thus limiting utility for customers, and ROI measurability for Dell.  We expect that will change soon.

But we do think the Dell Tag Team Facebook review app is the shape of things to come insofar as Facebook is a perfect platform for user reviews.  It seems only logical that the leading digital platform for user content should become the leading digital platform for user reviews.  Perhaps Amazon, given its new love affair with Facebook, will port product reviews across to Facebook.  Now that would be useful.