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Digital marketing magazine, ClickZ today launched a new regular column on social commerce, penned by Sam Decker, thought leader and best practice practitioner in social commerce from Bazaarvoice.

The first column entitled Social Commerce 101: Leverage Word of Mouth to Boost Sales, sums up the value proposition of social commerce.  It’s also in line with IBM’s definition of social commerce – “the concept of word of mouth, applied to e-commerce”.

From this perspective, social commerce is brand advocacy, monetized.

In Sam’s introductory article, he outlines the 5 core activities for a social commerce marketer

  1. Craft messages and provide online platforms to stimulate brand-talk
  2. Encourage conversations through promotions, contests, ratings and reviews, user-generated content (photo and video) uploads
  3. Analyze conversations to find out what people are saying and why, to spot trends, and to find out exactly what customers want
  4. Deliver products, services, and promotions that meet these needs
  5. Calculate return on investment on social programs with customer feedback, analytics and marketing measurement tools

We’re looking forward to learning from Sam’s insight and experience in his new column for how to achieve these 5 key objectives