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The Scobleizer has turned his eyes to social shopping – and has just interviewed social shopping start-up Wantlet – a service built on Facebook that allows you to ‘check-in’ to products that you want, rather than places you are…

It’s an interesting idea, allowing people to connect via stuff they want via a “want” button (as opposed to a like button).  But rather than use the ad-supported/affiliate model as proposed by Wantlet’s Kristian Luoma, our minds immediately turned to the potential for Tuangou – and the role that something like Wantlet could play in helping people self-organize to negotiate a group-discount (and taking a cut – demand-led group-buy).

It’s worth watching the interview – as Scoble asks some good questions, and makes some smart suggestions about the business model behind Wantlet.


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    Kristian Luoma


    Thanks for featuring us! Thanks for your nice words, .. and picking up the right sorts of points about where this could fit nicely in the future. We’re trying hard to make the right next moves to improve the product – but we do admit that there’s potential for lots of great things.

    We’d love to hear what you think about the service and what the next enhancements should be. In case you want to help, just contact kristian@wantlet.com and let us know where we can serve you better.

    Wantlet, Product Manager

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