Just incase anyone was wondering if Facebook was serious about transforming itself into a social commerce platform, the world’s favourite social networking platform is on a recruitment drive to recruit a team of Payment Operations Strategists and Analysts (more here):

“Facebook Payment Operations is a brand-new team that ensures, monitors, and reports on all money moving into Facebook. As a founding member, individuals have an opportunity to shape this team’s culture, role within the company, and day-to-day operations. As part of the Online Operations organization, we work cross-functionally with the Product and Engineering teams to design tools and systems to serve our hundreds of millions of users and our ever-growing base of advertisers. Projects driven by Payment Operations team members will potentially contribute millions of dollars to Facebook’s business, as well as enable the company to scale and expand its operations in the coming years. Successful candidates for this job are self-motivated, flexible to constant changes and are problem-solvers who think creatively and propose solutions.”

Whilst eCommerce in Facebook is not new, with third party solutions already offering Facebook storefronts and Facebook stores embedded in Facebook pages and now even in Facebook newsfeeds, what has been missing is a seamless integrated payment system.  It’s coming.  Along with Facebook Connect, that offers portable social graphs to third party eCommerce sites (easy login, ask your network, share with your network), Facebook Payments is transforming the social networking site into a veritable social commerce platform.  Imagine a Facebook Connect version of Amazon’s PayPhrase, that allows people to login and pay with their Amazon [Facebook] account details on third party sites…

Once Facebook Payments happens, I think we’ll see the big two online retail giants, iTunes and Amazon, start reconsidering their hitherto cold shoulder treatment of Facebook.

So if you are in social commerce in 2010, we recommend you ask yourself a simple question.  What’s my Facebook eCommerce strategy?