“It’s the Semantic Web, Stupid”

That’s what brands and retailers should make of Facebook’s new super-charged Open Graph that will seamlessly add user activity and intentions (‘using’, ‘searching’, ‘wanting’, ‘shopping’, ‘watching’, ‘playing’, ‘reading’ and listening’) to the Open Graph via app integration. (Oh how the poor ‘Like’ button looks so 2-dimensional this week).

Practically speaking, the Open Graph, if it beats out other contenders to offer the leading database of deep user data, will allow the Web to evolve into the semantic web (aka Web 3.0), where experiences are personalised and needs anticipated based on user data. For brands and retailers that means deep personalisation, with experiences that are not only extraordinarily relevant but also anticipate customer desires.

As Sapient’s director of digital strategy – Freddie Laker – predicted the Open Graph is Facebook’s play to power the semantic Web. Fret if you will about Facebook – or Google – knowing more about you than you do, but the semantic web will offer a new type of web experience truly personalised to desires.

There’s money in them semantic hills.