TechCrunch regularly runs CrunchUps (in plain English – one day conferences) on top tech trends – and this year’s CrunchUp, hosted last week at Stanford University, was on – of course – social commerce; entitled Social Currency – where the web meets real world commerce.

Retailers, tech firms, e-commerce and social commerce solution providers discussed how companies can tap into social connections — on Facebook or elsewhere — to connect customers in a new generation of e-tailing.

Videos from the sessions are here (including an interview with Andrew Mason (CEO Groupon)) – but here’s the 30 minute drive-time panel on Social Commerce: Crafting New Marketplaces featuring LivingSocial, Payvment, gWallet, Eventbrite, and Zong.  Much of the conversation revolves around whether the Facebook juggernaut – with the imminent launch of the Facebook currency – will “eat the lunch” of other emerging social marketplaces to become the de facto social commerce platform.

From a brand perspective, it’s difficult not to conclude that Facebook is set to become a, if not the, major social commerce platform.