Uniqlo’s ‘Under Construction’ Social Commerce Campaign (Screenshots)

So here’s a novel use of social commerce – as an alternative to a holding “under-construction” page whilst your site is being updated.

Apparel fashion retailer Uniqlo has been running a social commerce campaign – dubbed “lucky counter” whilst revamping its UK e-commerce website – based on user feedback.

The idea is simple; whilst the Uniqlo site is down, site visitors see a holding page where they can set the price for 10 Uniqlo items that will go on sale on the new website.  Users get to set the price by simply tweeting their favorite item – the more people who tweet, the lower the price (more than halving the initial price).

It’s fun way to promote your e-commerce web revamp, and of a similar vein to the paywithatweet service; you could almost forgive Uniqlo for using flash for the social commerce holding page…  The new site went live today, featuring the promotionally priced items (see last screenshot).

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  2. Holly
    September 10, 2010

    This is a great idea from UNIQLO as it not only keeps the user entertained whilst giving them an incentive to interact with the brand, it also encourages a higher social media presence and ensures a large number of visitors to the new site on the day of the launch.

    For anyone that's checked out the new website I'm sure they were pleasantly surprised – it's so much easier to use and features much more women's and <a rel="follow" href="http://shop.uniqlo.com/uk/store/men/">men's clothing.

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  6. […] UK retailer Uniqlo had a unique way of using its under construction page for its new e-commerce website. When the site was down users would see a page with 10 items from their online store. Users could set the price by tweeting about it, the more tweets the lower the price with some items going for less than 50% of their original price. This is a great way of putting a spin on what could of been a run of the mill holding page, it got fans tweeting about the store, the re-launch of its e-commerce website, increased awareness of it and no doubt helped drive traffic to it when launched. (Source) […]

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