Triumph International, the international underwear manufacturer (Triumph, Sloggi and HOM brands) has launched a Facebook fan-store offering brand fans a 10% discount on Triumph lingerie.

Jeroen van Eck from Dutch e-commerce experts ISM provides an overview (in Dutch – use Google translate for an approximate English version) of the Payvment-powered fan-store.  The fan-store offers Dutch fans 10% off public prices on its top 10 products.  Simple and smart. Hopefully Triumph International will roll out fan-stores across other markets and for other brands.

Jeroen discusses the simplicity of Payvment f-commerce app – in terms of strengths and weaknesses. We like this KISS – Keep-It-Simple-Stupid – approach to f-commerce, although a 10% fan discount is not particularly generous, and may not be enough to overcome early adopter f-commerce friction or motivate fans to buy and share. Starbucks fans – who can manage and top-up their loyalty card on the Facebook fan page – get free drinks, free shots and free drink customisation. Note the word free.

Free stuff for fans from the fan-store.  That’s a seductive – non-margin eroding – value proposition.