Here’s a smart use of Facebook by fashion retailer Topshop at this week’s London fashion week.  Watch a Facebook-connected live stream of the runway show (or see a recording), snap a pic with a Facebook connected cam (AKA “shoot the show”), and then buy what you see and hear – apparel, makeup, music. It’s social, it’s commerce – and critically, it’s something worth sharing. Access recording here – click on Unique show, top left).

We think Facebook and brands on Facebook should be making much more of Facebook Events; because people talk about events.  Stuff that happens to them, and that matters to them. If the point and commercial value of Facebook to brands is word of mouth management (and we believe it is), then brands should be using Facebook as an event channel to deliver brand experiences worth talking about – the unveiling of a new product or ad, an exclusive screening or even an exclusive retail event.

If you don’t want what happens on your Facebook page to stay on your Facebook page, use Facebook as an event platform.