Rounding out our list of top 10’s for the year is this post that contains the most viewed social commerce infographics for 2011 based on page views. We like using infographics and have scoured the web to find those that furnish the best portrayal of the social commerce landscape. Truly, a picture is worth a 1,000 words!

#1. A Year in Social Commerce

A Year in Social Commerce

#2. Say Hello to the F-Commerce Ecosphere

F-commerce Ecosphere

#3. Facebook Shares Worth $2.10 Incremental Sales, Convert at 10.9%

Facebook shares worth $2.10 incremental sales

#4. All You Ever Wanted to Know About Group-Buy in 10 Infographics

All you ever wanted to know about group-buy

#5. Who is the “Social Customer?”

Who is the social customer

#6. F-commerce: A First Infographic

First f-commerce infographic

#7. Why f-commerce? 1 in 11 Humans are There

Facebook 2010 yearbook

#8. The Pros & Cons of Group-Buy

The pros and cons of group-buy

#9. Selling into the Sharing Economy: The Next Big Trend in Social Commerce? (3 infographics)

Selling into the sharing economy

#10. Social Commerce & the Smart SoLoMo Consumer (2 infographics)

The smart solomo consumer