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Facebook Launched Social Gifts, Amazon and Cafepress Follow Suit

When visiting Facebook have you noticed these showing up lately? A couple of months ago, Facebook internalized social commerce by providing users with the ability to send real gifts (not

Three Start-up Founders Share Social Commerce Success Stories; Retail Giant Walmart Weighs-In Alongside

Large or small, companies of all sizes use social media for marketing. As a case in point, three entrepreneurs who are co-founders of start-up companies, along with a representative of

Amazon, Walmart in Acquisition Mode to Advance Social-Mobile Commerce Agenda

In the last few weeks, news has come across the web that retail giants Amazon and Walmart have acquired several start-up companies with a view toward taking full advantage of

Walmart CMO Talks About Influence of Social Media, F-Commerce

In a December 14 interview with Geoff Colvin, Fortune Magazine’s senior editor-at-large, Walmart CMO Stephen Quinn talked about the value social media brings to the brand. Here are some excerpts from

Walmart Launches Shopycat Facebook App for Holiday Season [screenshots]

Today, Walmart launched a Facebook app called Shopycat, which is designed to make gift giving “less stressful and more fun,” says the @Walmart Labs blog. (See the previous SCT post

Extra: Walmart and Etsy Open the Open Graph Holiday Season

Social commerce news is coming thick and fast as the holiday season gets underway.  In the first of several ‘extra’ posts today, Walmart and Etsy have launched Open Graph powered

The Fonz on Social Skis? Walmart’s $300m+ social commerce investment

So Walmart, the world’s largest retailer has decided to vote for social commerce with its wallet.  $300m for a social media startup to combine social media, shopping and mobile.  The startup in question,

Walmart’s Group-Buy App in Facebook | 10 Ideas for Competitors [Screenshots]

So the world’s largest retailer has taken a leaf out of the book of the world’s fastest growing company to spearhead its social media strategy in the world’s largest social

Walmart User Ratings Tab on Facebook

Walmart Beauty has added a Ratings tab to its Facebook Page to showcase 5 star user ratings.  Smart.  We think we’ll soon be seeing a lot more of these Ratings