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P&G Launch 6 New Facebook Stores: “Live Learning Labs” [Screenshots]

P&G have upped their f-commerce game, opening new Facebook stores for  Tide, Gillette, Olay, Gain, CoverGirl, Luvs and Febreze. As with last year’s pilot P&G Facebook stores, P&G are outsourcing e-commerce

f-commerce comes of age | P&G opens Facebook store selling 29 top brands [screenshots]

So after dipping its toes in the f-commerce water, consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble has taken the f-commerce plunge, opening up a new Facebook store selling 29 of its

The Future of F-Commerce: P&G Facebook Campaign Store for Old Spice [Screenshots]

So P&G are developing quite a taste for f-commerce – selling on Facebook.  In the UK, with their Amazon-powered Facebook store for the makeup of makeup artists brand Max Factor, and

P&G Teams Up with Amazon to Sell on Facebook

So did hell just freeze over? Amazon, the grand dame of e-commerce has set up shop with the new kid on the e-commerce block, Facebook, in a curious ménage-à-trois with leading

The future of f-commerce; Levi’s, P&G & Bejeweled lead the way

Whilst many brands have still to digest the difficult-to-underestimate implications of new Facebook initiatives announced last week at f8 (widely seen as Facebook’s Google Moment, amounting to nothing less to an audacious bid to

P&G Facebook Store = 1000 Transactions/Hour

Any lingering doubts as to whether the future of Facebook for brands is e-commerce can be put to rest.  P&G have just trialled a Facebook store for their new Pampers