Consumer Psychology for a Digital Age

Oscar de la Renta

8thBridge Launches New Social Commerce Platform Called Graphite; Multi-channel Integration is Selling Point

Graphite is a gray, crystalline form of carbon that occurs as a mineral in some rocks. It’s also the name of the new social commerce platform from 8thBridge. 8thBridge has

Five Digital Tools to Boost Your Brand’s Image in Social Commerce [infographic]

Online deals find website has put together an infographic that outlines five digital tools, which, in her opinion (Sally is a real person), provide the most effective ways for brands

Oscar de la Renta Opens Second F-Commerce Store to Sell Exclusive Bangles [screenshots]

If one was good, then two should be better. Perhaps that’s the thinking behind fashion retailer Oscar de la Renta’s decision to launch its second f-commerce store to sell four

F-Commerce Finds its Groove with Oscar de la Renta (screenshots)

So how do you sell on Facebook?  Well if you’re in the beauty industry, a simple two-step formula is emerging.  First, run a Facebook sampling campaign at launch, and then