Mercedes Sells 666 cars in 8 hours with 3-point ‘Twitter’-Commerce Plan


Here’s how to sell cars fast on Twitter. Create a special limited edition that will not be available for sale elsewhere – a Twitter exclusive. Theme and schedule the special edition around a popular calendar event (e.g. Chinese New Year) Don’t ask for full payment, just a deposit (e.g. 1.5%) That’s how Mercedes sold more than 1 car per minute (666 in 8 hours (480 minutes))...

Mercedes Group Buy Campaign: Selling a Car a Minute


Joining the ranks of The Gap and Dell, Mercedes is venturing into the Group Buy arena – allowing consumers to club together and buy its diminutive Smart car at a group discount (-22%) off list price. Trialling the group-buy deal in China, on the “Juhuasuan”¬†group-buy platform of China’s largest e-commerce site Taobao, Mercedes sold 205 Smart cars in 204 minutes on...

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