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Social Commerce by Definition, a Cupcake or a Bouncing Ball?

Chirpify CEO Chris Teso recently weighed in on the social commerce debate by sharing his definition of the term. (Just for the record Chirpify is a social commerce and payments

What to Expect from F-Commerce: 1 Sale Per 8 Fans and 700 Sales / Week Say Heinz

4 weeks, 2127 sales – 1 sale per 8 fans – and a 200% (32,810) increase in Facebook ‘Likes’. That’s what the Heinz temporary popup gift-shop on the brand’s UK

BBC News report on F-Commerce Showcasing Heinz

Here’s a short BBC video news report on f-commerce, showcasing the Heinz fan-store selling personalised Get Well soup. As Robin Grant, global managing director from the agency We Are Social┬ábehind

Pop-Up Facebook Fan-Store Sells Personalised Heinz Soup [Screenshots]

So Ketchup King Heinz has thrown up a Pop-Up Fan-Store in Facebook selling personalised cans of Heinz soup to UK Heinz fans. The pop-up store allows Heinz fans (and-only fans)

F-commerce: Heinz innovates with new ‘tryvertising’ f-store [screenshots]

It’s interesting and mildly ironic that with so many prestige brands jumping on the f-commerce (Facebook e-commerce) train that it is a grocery brand, Heinz ketchup, showing the world (in