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Ebay’s London Pop-up Shop: A Vision of Social Commerce Tomorrow?

So you know the first rule of commerce (whether e-commerce or traditional retail): If it has a universal product code, Amazon will kill you. But what then? Ebay has provided

eBay’s New Design Reflects the Future of Commerce

By now everyone knows that eBay has redesigned its site to reflect a more Pinterest-like facade. There are some keywords contained in its introductory post – The New eBay –

Social Commerce News Roundup: $100m+ pours in, waste of money says Read Write Web

The last couple of weeks have seen a slew of social commerce news hit the wires, much with a real the-future-of-social-commerce-is-personalised-recommendations theme.  It can be tough keeping up with the

eBay and the socially layered business

Like Amazon, the other grand dame of e-commerce, eBay is tooling up for a new era of social commerce.  eBay has just purchased Brands4Friends, Germany’s largest private shopping club (3.5m members) for

Amazon, Ebay and Vente-Privée Launch New Social Commerce Solutions [Screenshots]

You can tell the holiday season is approaching; e-commerce giants are launching new social commerce solutions almost daily in an effort to attract seasonal shoppers. LinkedIn has even joined the