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Baking Social into the Product: Dominos Pizza with Hatsune Miku [Video]

Yesterday, Dominos in Japan sold out of pizza, or rather pizza boxes. Why?  Because a new ‘social’ promotion.  The new Dominos pizza box in Japan doubles up as a concert

Domino’s Pizza Australia Facebook Fans Make World’s First ‘Social Pizza’

Domino’s Pizza Australia is creating the world’s first “Social Pizza.” Starting today, March 19, and continuing for the next seven days, Domino’s Pizza Australia is letting its 489,000 Facebook fans

Domino’s Trials F-Commerce in UK with New Product Launch

Last Monday we noted that the popular household cleanser in the UK, Cillit Bang, had launched a Facebook exclusive pop-up store to offer its new multi-use version in advance of

Speed Summary / Sam Decker + Domino's Pizzas @ Social Commerce Summit

The Austin 2010 Social Commerce summit hosted by Bazaarvoice kicked off this week with an inspiring double act from Bazaarvoice CMO Sam Decker and Dennis Maloney, VP Multimedia Marketing at Domino’s