Consumer Psychology for a Digital Age


American Apparel, Nordstrom @ Groupon, Apple @ TJ Maxx!? [Screenshots]

If anyone thought that the flirtation between Groupon and national retail chains (Gap, The Body Shop) was but a temporary tryst, two new deals point to a more enduring romance, as the

Apple’s Plan For World Domination is Social Commerce: First Music, Then Movies, Books & TV

In the unlikely event you missed it, Apple launched Ping last week, a social network for music with a Facebook/Twitteresque activity stream, and that is deeply meshed into the ubiquitous iTunes

Apple iGroups Patent, Social Shopping Coming to the iPhone?

The most excellent trends and innovation site PSFK, widely used by agencies for creative stimulus, has just published it’s latest Future of Retail report (embedded below), outlining 10 big trends

Rotten Apples: iTunes integrates Rotten Tomatoes Reviews

Apple’s iTunes store for movies has integrated Rotten Tomatoes reviews, Flixter’s popular reviews aggregator of professional and audience reviews, displaying a ‘Tomatometer’ popularity gauge next to movies (article on Mashable).

Apple to Roll Out Facebook Connect

Techcrunch is reporting that Apple is to integrate Facebook Connect with iTunes (article archived below).  Facebook Connect is the portable social graph tool from Facebook that enables easy login, ‘friendsourcing’ of advice

The China Syndrome: Apple Opens (Second) Store on Facebook

Whilst Easter Apple-talk is focused on the iPad launch (US) tomorrow, Apple has just launched its f-commerce (Facebook e-commerce) store on Facebook (screenshot below) – selling apps for the iPad,

US Patent 7,660,749: Apple's Social Shopping Solution

Whilst everybody was buzzing about the launch of Google Buzz last week, Apple was granted a US patent on an social shopping solution designed to improve the online shopping experience