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Facebook Launched Social Gifts, Amazon and Cafepress Follow Suit

When visiting Facebook have you noticed these showing up lately? A couple of months ago, Facebook internalized social commerce by providing users with the ability to send real gifts (not

Facebook Gifts Tip of the Social Gifting Iceberg This Holiday Season

Facebook’s entry into social commerce with its new Gifts feature has been highly touted, but is just the tip of the social gifting iceberg. According to MediaPost, this holiday season not

Is Social Commerce Amazon-Proof? AmazonLocal Muscles in with $10 for $5 Deal

Social commerce sites, services and apps watch out, Amazon is beginning throw its weight around. Having already shown the world how to use Facebook to help Amazon customers shop smarter

Speed Summary: Four Marketers Getting It Right (and Wrong) on Facebook [screenshots]

Facebook is the darling of the social commerce world and, perhaps, for good reason. With the exception of Google, the social network gets more traffic than just about any other

Amazon, Walmart in Acquisition Mode to Advance Social-Mobile Commerce Agenda

In the last few weeks, news has come across the web that retail giants Amazon and Walmart have acquired several start-up companies with a view toward taking full advantage of

This Holiday’s 10 Most Influential Retailers Based on Klout Score [infographic]

Klout, which bills itself as the “standard for influence,” just released a list of the season’s 10 most influential retailers based on their Klout score. Topping the list is Amazon, followed

Social Commerce Rule of Thumb, Part 1: Social Proof, Following the Crowd

“I get by with a little help from my friends.” – The Beatles Paul, John, George and Ringo were onto a truth that has bearing on social commerce – that

Extra: Amazon launches Vote-for-Discounts App on Facebook [Screenshots]

Head over to the Facebook pages of Amazon’s specialist sites,,, (pets) and (toys), and you get to vote for which brand you most want 30% off

Social Commerce Platform Overview: LivingSocial – It’s Not Just a Deal, It’s an Adventure

In the daily coupon deal market, LivingSocial is to Groupon what Pepsi is to Coke, running in second place. That’s not to suggest Living Social is an also ran by

Amazon + LivingSocial = 20 Deals/Sec: Implications for Social Commerce

Group-buy social commerce platform LivingSocial just knocked competitor Groupon off the #1 spot, in terms of running the most popular group-buy deal ever award, at least, netting over 1m transactions.  Last

Why Amazon DOES Understand Social Commerce

Here’s an interesting post, with some enthusiastic Amazon-bashing over at Marketing Profs by Customer Experience consultant Leigh Duncan-Durst of Livepath. In a nutshell the post argues – with some groovy

Amazon, Ebay and Vente-Privée Launch New Social Commerce Solutions [Screenshots]

You can tell the holiday season is approaching; e-commerce giants are launching new social commerce solutions almost daily in an effort to attract seasonal shoppers. LinkedIn has even joined the