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Social Commerce by Definition, a Cupcake or a Bouncing Ball?

Chirpify CEO Chris Teso recently weighed in on the social commerce debate by sharing his definition of the term. (Just for the record Chirpify is a social commerce and payments

Top 25 Retailers on Facebook (List and Download)

Channel Advisor’s latest Facebook Commerce Index is out, a free listing and analysis of the top 25 US retailers on Facebook by fan count. ¬†Victoria’s Secret, adidas Originals and Victoria’s

Adidas Pop-Up Retail Strategy: What Social Commerce Can Learn

The business rationale for opening fan-stores in social media is smart, simple and compelling. Advocacy activation. Fan advocacy boosts launch sales, but up to 50% of fans don’t actually advocate

Adidas Goes Groupon

Nice new Groupon (group coupon) app from Adidas at¬†FreeStripes. Simpler than Dell’s Swarm Groupon/Group Buy app and all the better for it. Share your coupon with 5 people and get