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Chirpify CEO Chris Teso recently weighed in on the social commerce debate by sharing his definition of the term. (Just for the record Chirpify is a social commerce and payments platform for Twitter and Instagram.) In the opening paragraph of his post, Teso states that the definition of social commerce has changed from recommendations of …

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Channel Advisor’s latest Facebook Commerce Index is out, a free listing and analysis of the top 25 US retailers on Facebook by fan count.  Victoria’s Secret, adidas Originals and Victoria’s Secret Pink are the most popular retailers on Facebook Whilst the index is called Facebook Commerce, it’s not about commerce, it’s about fan-count (although some …

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The business rationale for opening fan-stores in social media is smart, simple and compelling. Advocacy activation. Fan advocacy boosts launch sales, but up to 50% of fans don’t actually advocate (they would recommend but they don’t  because they’re not prompted to do so).  As Emanuel Rosen, author the Anatomy of Buzz (still the best book …

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Nice new Groupon (group coupon) app from Adidas at FreeStripes. Simpler than Dell’s Swarm Groupon/Group Buy app and all the better for it. Share your coupon with 5 people and get a free pair of sneakers. (Click to enlarge).

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