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Speed Summary: McKinsey Quarterly – Unlocking the Elusive Potential of Social Networks


Here’s a short paper from the latest McKinsey Quarterly on how businesses can use social networks effectively to promote their products and services (direct download here).  Bottom line, treat social networks as enablers and amplifiers of word of mouth, which can only be truly ignited by delivering real and authentic value to users. Sure, the paper is a little ‘motherhood and apple...

Speed Summary / Mitch Joel on Social Media @ Social Commerce Summit


Here’s a speed summary of Mitch Joel’s (Six Pixels of Separation, Twist Image) talk at this week’s Social Commerce Summit, with advice on how to adapt your digital marketing strategy for today’s social-powered web. 1. We need to reboot digital marketing, Control-Alt-Delete it, and build new digital platforms with social features that allow us to 1) promote real communication between...

Speed Summary / Urban Outfitters 12 Rules of Social Marketing


Another speed summary from the Austin 2010 Social Commerce Summit – Dimitri Siegel, Executive Director of Marketing for fashion apparel retailer Urban Outfitters, sharing the company’s 12 rules for doing social marketing. The Big Idea: Social Marketing is About Building Personal Relationships 1. Hang out with the Cool Kids: Social media allows Urban Outfitters marketing team to...

Speed Summary / Google on Social Commerce – Social Commerce Summit


Here’s a speed summary of Google’s presentation this week at the 2010 Social Commerce Summit this week by Director of Product Management, Sameer Samat, who used the occasion to announce the launch a new Google Product Reviews Program (integrating customer reviews into search results and AdWords campaigns). The Big Idea: Successful social commerce means a) thinking cross-channel – people...

Speed Summary / Sam Decker + Domino's Pizzas @ Social Commerce Summit


The Austin 2010 Social Commerce summit hosted by Bazaarvoice kicked off this week with an inspiring double act from Bazaarvoice CMO Sam Decker and Dennis Maloney, VP Multimedia Marketing at Domino’s Pizzas (after a little Bazaarvoice chest thumping from CEO Brett Hurt (five years old, 800 clients, 550 employees, 100,000,000,000 review-based impressions served…)). Entitled From Participation...

Speed Summary / Rushkoff on Social Media @ Bazaarvoice Summit


Here’s our speed summary with top 10 takeouts and quotes from the digital media thought-leader Douglas Rushkoff talking today at the Social Commerce Summit in Austin hosted by Bazaarvoice. In a talk entitled “Get Back in the Box” (also the title of his book championing innovation ‘from the inside out’), Rushkoff made the case for ditching social media as a brand...

Speed Summary – ClickZ Column on Social Commerce (Feb/March 2010)


Two months ago ClickZ launched a new social commerce column with none other than social commerce expert Sam Decker (CMO of ratings and reviews software company Bazaarvoice) as columnist. Five articles later, here’s a speed summary of practical social commerce tips and wisdom shared on the column so far… Insight rich and results-focused, it’s the next-best thing to hiring Sam...

Speed Summary of The Economist's 2010 Special Report into Social Networking


The Economist has just published a 14 page special report on Social Networking – we’ve summarised it for you here in a Speed Summary (that includes the key charts from the report). You can download an archived version of the full 2010 Economist report Social Networking: A World of Connections here. It’s worth a read – not for any ground-breaking insight – but because...

Bazaarvoice Report on Participatory Marketing / Speed Summary


Customer Reviews Software specialist Bazaarvoice has just published a useful report on the emotional power of participatory media “Participation Chains Connect Customers to Your Brand”. The report is noteworthy because it goes beyond the usual formula; reviews = utility = sales. Instead, Sam Decker and Ze Frank show that customer contributions also foster emotional engagement, which leads to...

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