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Speed Summary: F-Commerce Selling on Facebook Whitepaper


Why have leading consumer brands started selling on Facebook? The results of an 18-month study on the emerging trend of ‘f-commerce’ conducted by SCT editor Dr. Paul Marsden tells the tale. It provides a critical overview of f-commerce  – selling with Facebook – specifically as it applies to consumer brands and identifies key risks and opportunities for using Facebook as a...

Speed Summary: The Science of Persuasion


One of the most popular posts here at SCT deals with the psychology of social shopping. In it, Dr. Paul Marsden, Editor of Social Commerce Today, references six heuristics (mental rules of thumb) that shoppers use, often intuitively, to make purchase decisions. The father of this heuristic thinking model is Dr. Robert B. Cialdini, an academician best known for his popular book on persuasion and...

Speed Summary: eMarketer Report on Facebook Commerce


Helping customers buy where they connect is one side of the social commerce equation. eMarketer has just released a report – Facebook Commerce: Reaching Shoppers Where They Socialize – that addresses questions every marketer should be asking when it comes to using the social network as a commerce tool: What potential does Facebook commerce hold? Who do online shoppers engage with...

Speed Summary: Forbes Six Pillars of Social Commerce


Over at Forbes, Fred Cavazza has proposed six pillars of social commerce (pragmatically defined as maximising sales through social media), that help take people through the three-step path to action: WHAT? SO WHAT? WHAT NOW? Here they are in brief; Visibility use social media to extend the reach of your offers (Blendtec and Old Spice) Reputation use social media enhance brand image (Saddleback...

Speed Summary: Harvard Business Review – Six Social Media Trends to Watch


David Armano of Edelman Digital has shared his 6 social media predictions for 2012 on Harvard Business Review blog; worth noting… Convergence Emergence – social goes transmedia; social OOH (out-of-home -aka interactive posters/billboards) and social POS (socially connected point of sale) The Cult of Influence – measuring, harnessing and exploiting social influence – Klout...

Speed Summary: E-commerce Trends in 2012


Here’s a speed summary of one of the smartest presentations on e-commerce trends we’ve come across lately, 2012 trends in e-commerce from Cedric Deniaud of the Paris-based agency The Persuaders (embedded below). Alas the original is in French, but here’s what you need to know in English Take a look at eBay or Amazon’s home page from 10 years ago, and you’ll think not...

Speed Summary IJEC Social Commerce Special Edition – Social Shopping Communities


So here’s the second speed summary of the social commerce special edition just published by the respected peer-reviewed International Journal of Electronic Commerce. This second article is about social shopping communities and modelling behaviour with clickstream data from Rainer Olbrich and Christian Holsing from the marketing department of the German University of Hagen Speed Summary...

Speed Summary: IJEC Special Edition – Introduction to Social Commerce


So social commerce has just had a credibility-enhancement, with an intellectual injection to accompany the financial injections that the area is already receiving.   The respected top peer-reviewed International Journal of Electronic Commerce has just published a special edition on social commerce (access can be purchased online).  It may be dry and academic, but it’s insightful, useful and...

Speed Summary: Putting Social Media to Work (Bain Report) [Download]


Last week we summarised The Ultimate Question 2.0, a handbook on Bain Consulting’s popular open source customer loyalty solution – The Net Promoter System – based on the simple idea that thriving in a customer-driven world of empowered consumers requires a mission-critical pursuit of customer loyalty, and that the best proxy for whether a customer believes you’re worthy of...

Speed Summary: The Social-Powered Enterprise [Download]


The Social-Powered Enterprise: How social media is transforming your most important disciplines is a free ebook from Salesforce with 15 practical recommendations for using social media to enhance sales, marketing and customer service [download].  The sales perspective particularly relevant to B2B – and focuses on lead generation and CRM rather than transactions. Social Powered Sales Find...

Speed Summary: The Ultimate Question 2.0 [Chapter Summary Part 2 of 2]


Here’s the second half of our speed summary of Fred Reichheld‘s business bestseller The Ultimate Question 2.0: How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer-Driven World, written with Rob Markey – partner at global consultancy Bain & Company (see here for Part I).  We think this is a landmark book in establishing the business rationale for investing in social media and...

Speed Summary: Four Marketers Getting It Right (and Wrong) on Facebook [screenshots]


Facebook is the darling of the social commerce world and, perhaps, for good reason. With the exception of Google, the social network gets more traffic than just about any other site on the planet. In terms of time spent on site, it far exceeds Google. Cathy Halligan, CMO at PowerReviews, has an insightful post on the state of social commerce today, especially as it applies to Facebook. Here is a...

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