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Speed Summary: Top Retailers in Social Commerce – Second Annual Report (8thBridge) [Infographic]


Social commerce software developer and service provider 8thBridge has released its rather excellent and latest industry report, the Second Annual Social Commerce IQ Study, with a ranking of the top 25 retail brands in social commerce. wins, scoring high on four key social commerce criteria – brand awareness on social networks, upstream social media traffic, social features on e...

Speed Summary: McKinsey on How to Boost Your Business with Social Intelligence


Could social intelligence be your commercial competitive advantage?  Consultants McKinsey think so – here’s how. In psychology, “social intelligence” refers to your personal ability to understand and learn from others and profit from social situations. In business, McKinsey understand social intelligence as a form of competitive intelligence that is sourced, collected...

Speed Summary: Social Media at Scale – Return on Amazing [+ video]


It’s possibly the best presentation on social media available right now; Social Media at Scale: Return on Amazing by ex-Walgreen social media director Adam Kmiec (now at Campbell Soup Company. Incisive, insightful – and very practical. We recommend watching the YouTube video (and reading the transcript), recently posted and recorded at eTail East as a trailer for upcoming Social...

Speed Summary: Mindshare ‘The Future of Social Commerce’ [Report]


Global media and marketing services company, Mindshare, part of the WPP Group along with Syzygy has just published a new 44 page report on the future of social commerce.  It’s a nice distillation of much of the thinking here in Social Commerce Today and picks up on the central themes of our new book just published The Social Commerce Handbook that the future of social commerce is social...

Speed Summary: The Future of Retail in Six Trends (Nurun Report)


The ever-insightful team at global digital utility specialist Nurun is publishing a useful trend report on the future of retail called, appropriately enough, The Future of Retail. As interviewees, we got our hands on an advance copy.  Contact Nurun’s Toronto team direct for the full report, and/or subscribe to their future of retail email list and blog; but here’s what you need to...

Speed Summary – Accenture – The New Rules of Social Commerce


Accenture’s Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Gavin Michael, has just published “The New Rules of Social Commerce” in Fortune Magazine. Accenture believes that Facebook’s decision to drop Facebook Credits and switch to local currency payments will kickstart a new wave of social commerce – financial transactions taking place on social sites. Whilst this new wave of...

Speed Summary: The Future of Retail – PSFK Report [Download]


Establishing itself as the Bible of Retail Trends, PSFK has released its third annual survey of retail innovation – The Future of Retail – crammed with insights and inspiration. As you’d guess, mobile and social technology figure prominently, as do responses to the disruptive trend of ‘showrooming‘ and retail’s perennial sword of Damocles – otherwise...

Speed Summary: McKinsey Report “The Social Economy” – Unlocking $1.3 Trillion


Great report just out from consultants McKinsey – “The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies“. (download) It’s 170 pages long, a free download, and based on in-depth analysis of usage in four sectors (consumer packaged goods, consumer financial services, professional services, and advanced manufacturing) that represent almost 20...

Speed Summary: Merchants of Social – Social Commerce Market Report


Toronto-based incubator MaRS – a hub for entrepreneurs, scientists and capital – has produced a useful state of the market report on social commerce. The report, authored by industry analyst Neha Khera, can be accessed here, but here’s the skinny. “Overall, the social commerce market, while yet to provide significant measurable returns, is undoubtedly poised for growth...

Speed Summary: Social Impact Study, Replicator Theory and the Share-To-Purchase Funnel [Infographic]


In cognitive philosophy “a scholar is just a library’s way of making another library“.  Libraries need scholars to replicate.  In a similar way, in social commerce “a customer is just a business’s way of making another customer”.  Customers replicate and businesses expand through a customer-get-customer mechanic. From this social stance, the value of a customer...

Speed Summary: The 6 Pillars Of Social Commerce; Understanding the Psychology of Engagement


In a post today at Fast Company, well-known PR blogger and social media analyst Brian Solis shares his views on what have been referred to as the “Six Pillars of Social Commerce.” These pillars relate to six heuristics (rules of thumb) that Dr. Paul Marsden, editor of Social Commerce Today, first outlined over two years ago in his seminal post How Social Commerce Works: The Psychology...

Speed Summary: 6 Facebook Timeline Recommendations for Retailers and Brands


So you only have 25 days left until your old Facebook page self-destructs and Facebook removes it permanently. But don’t panic; if you don’t do anything, Facebook will use the shrapnel from your old page to automatically botch together a new starter page for you. The idea is that the new Timeline page design will help you better brand your page, highlight what matters, and manage...

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