Speed summary of 7 top f-commerce tips in the New York Times from Doron Simovitch, co-founder and CEO of shopping search engine and Facebook e-commerce solutions provider SortPrice (running Facebook storefronts for over 1000 businesses and brands (Adobe, BrookstonePetCo).

Bottom line, if you’re just going to port your e-commerce store into Facebook, don’t bother – you need to make the f-commerce experience exclusive and unique, and make a commitment to fan-engagement and fan-incentives. We couldn’t agree more. Smart words SortPrice.

  1. Engage users creatively (and consistently) with likeable wall posts to support your f-commerce offering
  2. Provide exclusivity with promotions, discounts and sales that are exclusive to your Facebook fans
  3. Attract new fans with added incentives with one-time promo codes, coupons or discounted shipping for those Liking your page
  4. Solicit input by asking your fans directly how you can improve the f-commerce experience
  5. Make Facebook a PR tool with wall posts that provide news beyond retail – such as charitable and community service initiatives
  6. Incorporate Facebook into Customer Service by enabling customer product reviews, a forum to share shopping experiences, and proactively, publicly and transparently addressing customer concerns
  7. Keep an eye out for new features and tools with new f-commerce tools such as flash sales, group-buy offers, and contests – designed to may the f-commerce experience more fun and social