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New Research / Sellers Unite


An interesting finding by Columbia researchers Andrew T. Stephen and Olivier Toubia, who have looked at whether it makes commercial sense for online sellers to link to each others’ stores. The short answer is yes. The researchers make an interesting distinction between social commerce and social shopping The distinction between social shopping and social commerce is that while social...

Dell Swarming in Canada


On the heels of Singapore success, Dell are rolling out their ‘Group Buy’ (collaborative purchasing) social shopping experiment Dell Swarm in Canada – and extending it with some smart features. The basic idea is simple, group buying, club together with people who want to buy the same Dell computer as you and get a discount. The more people who buy, the bigger the discount...

Social Commerce / Steve Rubel's Original 2005 Article


Technology blogger Steve Rubel helped put social commerce on the map at the end of 2005 with a post on his popular micropersuasion blog in which he highlighted social commerce as a trend to watch in 2006. Now that Steve has migrated away from his micropersuasion blog to posterous, we’ve archived the original post here incase it disappears. 2006 Trends to Watch Part II: Social Commerce by...

Social Commerce / Dave Beisel’s Original 2005 Article


Venture capitalist David Beisel is credited with coining the term “social commerce” in 2005 in a blog post describing the trend of e-commerce sites publishing user-generated advertorial content – user pick lists, wish lists, reviews, recommendations etc – to help sell. Here is an archived copy of his post. (The Beginnings of) Social Commerce by David Beisel December 6...

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