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Google Sends Cake to Social Commerce Friend The Fancy [Pic]


Yesterday, to celebrate Fancy‘s integration with Google+ (you can now sign in with Google, Twitter or Facebook), the PPR backed pinterest-for-the-posh social commerce site received a cake from Google.  Fancy that! How very social…
A sign of the times? If Google pushes social with Google sign in, it might just crack the social nut.

Curated Social Commerce: What Zumba Could Learn from Brazilian Retail Giant Magazine Luiza (Video)


Looking for social commerce inspiration?  Here’s an interesting initiative from Magazine Luiza, Brazil’s 4th largest retailer , that builds on the curated commerce trend. Last year and bucking the trend of bringing social to the store, Magazine Luiza brought the store to social, by inviting people to curate their own mini-store on Orkut and Facebook. The ‘Your Store’...

Digital Point of Sale: Bringing Social to the Store (Report – Free Download)


Today at Syzygy (German creative digital agency for digital marketing and brand communication) we’ve just published our latest digital innovation report – on digital point of sale; covering opportunities and best practice for bringing digital technology – including social technology – to the store. You can download Digital at Point of Sale: Reinventing Retail for the...

Social as a Service: Can Facebook Money App Azimo Disrupt the $400bn Remittance Market?


According to the World Bank peer-to-peer money transfer services handle $400bn of cash transfers every year.  Given that these services, dominated by big players such as Western Union can charge over 10% commission the sector is ripe for disruption.
Enter a new generation of online financial service startups such as Azimo ($460K funding Jan 2013) that aim

Storenvy Secures $5m Funding on the Back on Crowd-Curated Social Marketplace Launch


Storenvy, one of our favourite “new-generation” custom storefront builders that is also a social shopping marketplace, and that sports a distinct Etsy like feel, has just secured $5 million in funding led by Intel Capital with Spark Capital. Last month, Storenvy launched a crowd-curated social marketplace, that has helped drive a 1000% increase in sales. This, combined with the...

Amex Pay-by-Tweet Social Commerce Service Gets an Upgrade [Video]


Last year American Express trialled a Twitter-based social commerce service, enabling Amex cardholders to get discounts on purchases made with their card (synced to their Twitter account) if they tweeted about them (using a hashtag).  The discount was applied directly to their Amex statement. Today, Amex has upgraded this save-by-tweet into a pay-by-tweet service, emulating a similar service...

Social Q&A – Social Commerce Done Right [Infographic]


Here’s a great infographic from TurnTo, one of the leading social apps for e-commerce sites (Kiehls, Vitamin Shoppe,…), on ‘Social Q&A’. Social Q&A is an increasingly popular e-commerce site feature that allows shoppers to ask pre-purchase product-related questions, and get them answered by customers who have already purchased the product. Astonishingly 9...

Social Commerce: From Death and Disillusion to Slope of Enlightenment


Welcome to the trough of disillusionment folks.  On the Hype Cycle Every technology trend must pass through it on it’s way to the slope of enlightenment and productivity – including social commerce.  And we are in it now, with som mistaking disillusionment for the death of social commerce; big brand e-commerce stores in social media have shut up shop, and now the market leader in e...

The Two Big Opportunities in Social Commerce [Presentation]


So here’s a great presentation from Business Insider’s Henry Blodget on the future of social commerce. Most incisive deck we’ve seen for a while. Lot’s of great stats – and smart insights What you need to know: Social media is a source of only a tiny proportion of e-commerce traffic (< 5%) , and yields lower conversion rates (less than 1/4 email) and smaller order...

Ebay’s GSI and 8thBridge Join Forces to Create Social Commerce Dream Team


More social commerce consolidation. One of the big e-commerce solutions players – eBay’s GSI (Estee Lauder, Ralph Lauren, Levis, Sports Authority, NFL…) has teamed up with one of the leaders in social shopping software, 8thBridge (Elle, American Apparel, Ticketmaster…).  Together the ‘dream team’ hopes to offer a one-stop shop for next generation e-commerce and...

Full Watch List of 2013 Super Bowl Ads: But Where’s My Super Bowl Pop-up Shop?


So here for the record, is a directory of the ads aired during the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII: Ravens (34) vs. 49ers (31) – and the Pepsi Halftime Beyonce Show (scroll to bottom). Lots of social media integration (trailed ads, YouTube releases, hashtags galore, and crowdsourcing), but little follow-on to e-commerce. So no showcasing of social commerce this year then, the integration of e...

Amway Execs Call Company the ‘Original Social Network’


Based on comments from two executives, direct selling behemoth Amway thinks of itself as a “social network” that existed long before the advent of the Internet. During a recent interview with Forbe’s editor Jennifer Rooney, Amway CMO Candace Matthews referred to the company the “original social network.” Matthews’ sentiment echos something Amway Global Chairman...

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