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Lady Gaga and TheHunt: $700K investment in Demand-Driven Social Commerce


TheHunt, a WhatTheFont for fashion site, has received another $700K in funding, on the back of $2m raised earlier this year.  What’s interesting is this provenance of the investment; the entertainment industry, including RedOne – producer for Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez. Actor Ashton Kutcher, starring in the upcoming Hollywood Steve Jobs biopic, also invested. Expect to see Gaga...

Ding Dong! How to Launch a Social Commerce App: Get Banned Ribbon-Style


Okay, here’s a great way to launch a social commerce app. Develop a service that works across social media sites Do something controversial that gets you banned/shut down on one site Reap the rewards of free PR, increased coverage, awareness and interest That’s essentially what San Francisco social commerce startup Ribbon did last week.  Ribbon, like Soldsie and Chirpify enables...

10 Proven Solutions Unlocking Sales with Social Media [Presentation]


Here’s our latest 2013 conference presentation for you to download, summarising 10 proven ways to unlock sales with social media. Taken from our book, The Social Commerce Handbook, and using real-world examples, you’ll see that the underlying secret for driving sales with social media is simple; deploy social media as a service. Take a look, download, share – and let us know...

Pepsi’s Social Commerce: Selling in Social or Selling Socially?


Post your promotions and promoted products in social media? Check. Use social plugins on your online store?  Check. So you’re doing social commerce, selling with social technology? Don’t be too fast to check that last box and think you have all the bases covered. Over at Business2Community, Robin Bresnark, head of social at co-buying software company buyapowa, takes vendors to task...

Is social commerce worth the investment?


There’s a useful post over at econsultancy by Eric Abensur of cloud-based commerce company Venda, that asks a simple, but very pertinent question, is social commerce worth the investment? The short answer – according to the post – is a qualified yes, if retailers adopt the right approach and tone. For the e-consultancy post, social commerce is not about turning social media into...

Slick Social Commerce: Turning Files into Fans with Dropify


Dropify is a slick new social file sharing service from Cologne-based social app builder Hike that allows Facebook Page managers to share premium digital content exclusively with Page Fans. It’s a Facebook-oriented spin on dropbox, yousendit or wetransfer, and we like it. Simply login on with Facebook and drag a file (your ‘drop’) from your computer to upload it to...

Mercedes Sells 666 cars in 8 hours with 3-point ‘Twitter’-Commerce Plan


Here’s how to sell cars fast on Twitter. Create a special limited edition that will not be available for sale elsewhere – a Twitter exclusive. Theme and schedule the special edition around a popular calendar event (e.g. Chinese New Year) Don’t ask for full payment, just a deposit (e.g. 1.5%) That’s how Mercedes sold more than 1 car per minute (666 in 8 hours (480 minutes))...

Baking Social into the Product: Dominos Pizza with Hatsune Miku [Video]


Yesterday, Dominos in Japan sold out of pizza, or rather pizza boxes. Why?  Because a new ‘social’ promotion.  The new Dominos pizza box in Japan doubles up as a concert stage.  Point a smartphone at it, and one of Japan’s biggest stars Hatsune Miku plays a concert for you.  And here’s the social part – Miku’s songs were put together collaboratively by Dominos...

The Psychology of Soldsie’s Comment Commerce: Why the $1M Cash Injection Makes Sense


So Soldsie, the crowdfunded (FundersClub) f-commerce startup just announced that is has raised $1m in funding.  Participating in the round were 500 Startups, and FundersClub, along with former Facebook employees Yun-Fang Juan and Jonathan Ehrlich and others. Given all the negative publicity around f-commerce on Facebook (contrasting starkly with all the positive publicity around f...

Social Payment System Pay-With-A-Tweet Gets Makeover and White-Labeled


One of our favorite social commerce apps, and the first to win a Cannes Lion award, Pay With a Tweet, just received a slick makeover. The new interface for the free app makes it easier than ever to ‘sell’ digital goodies on Twitter for the price of a tweet. If you’re not familiar with Pay With A Tweet, it’s a free ‘social locker’ service that hides a digital...

CEO Resignation Letter from Groupon’s Andrew Mason


The idea was good.  Take a proven social shopping model successful Asia, Tuangou, and adapt it for Western consumer. And for a while, the Groupon online spin on team-buying was the darling of not just the social commerce world, but the world of commerce, period. However, Groupon’s social shine covered up what was essentially just another couponing site, the beating social heart of Tuangou...

10 Ways The Insurance Industry Could Drive Sales with Social Media


The insurance market has been somewhat of a laggard in integrating social technology into its value proposition.  If the online advice is anything to go on, it seems to revolve around insurance brokers posting pictures of cats to social networks. Even if you are from the “social media + insurance” is like an “meatball sundae” Seth Godin school of thought (with the only...

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