Social Commerce Scandinavian Style: The Generous Pop-up Store [Images]

Here’s some sweet real-life inspiration for your social commerce strategy from Copenhagen.

A one day pop-up chocolate shop from chocolatier, Anthon Berg, with a novel twist on social payments; The Generous Store where you pay with pledges (Agency Robert/Boisen & Like-minded).

Forget pay-with-a-tweet, we’re talking pay-with-a-treat; the pop-up store took payment for chocolates in the form of a Facebook pledge to a friend to do a specified act of kindness (e.g. ‘Don’t comment on your girlfriend’s driving for a week’). Sweet.

Rather than checkout tills, the pop-up store used iPads to handle check outs in the form Facebook post pledges. Check out the video above and the 1 1/2 hour queues…

Okay, so it’s marketing, and not commerce per se – but with pop-up retail in bricks and mortar stores showing this kind of creativity; surely there must be an equivalent or bigger opportunity for pop-up retail in social media?



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    • October 3, 2016

      This is way more helpful than antyihng else I’ve looked at.

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  3. October 3, 2016

    That’s a crcckerjaak answer to an interesting question

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