Skinning the Social Media Cat in 26 Dimensions: The Conversation Prism 2013

Want a smart one-glance-and-you’re-done summary overview of the state of social media in 2013?

Then check out the latest 2013 version (v 4.0) of Brian Solis‘ [updated] conversation prism (hi res here), with players segmented into 26 dimensions (categories). It’s a couple of years since the last iteration of the infographic was released, and the market has changed.  122 players from the last version dead-pooled, and 111 newcomers added.

From the mature market of ‘ratings and reviews’ to newcomers such as sharing apps for the ‘quantified self”, the Conversation Prism V4 is prettier than the social ‘lumascape’ (also below) and great creative stimulus for identifying new business opportunities.

  1. Quantified Self (Nike+, Jawbone)
  2. Influence (Klout, Proskore)
  3. Social Bookmarks (Evernote, Instapaper)
  4. Picture (Instagram , Picasa)
  5. Livecasting (Ustream, livestream)
  6. Music (Soundcloud, Pandora)
  7. Events (eventbrire, zvents)
  8. Documents (Preze, Slideshare)
  9. Video (YouTube, Hulu)
  10. Curation (Pinterest, Fancy)
  11. Reviews and Ratings (Amazon, Angie’s List)
  12. Service (Crowdspring, Amazon Mechanical Turk)
  13. Business (Linkedin, Viadeo)
  14. Discussions and Forums (Facebook, Google Groups)
  15. Wiki (Wikipedia, Wikia)
  16. Enterprise (Yammer, Chatter)
  17. Nicheworking (Path, GetGlue)
  18. Location (Forusquare, Sonar)
  19. Social Streams (Twitter, pheed)
  20. Social Marketplace (Groupon, 99 Designs, Kickstarter)
  21. Social Commerce (8thBridge, Bazaarvoice)
  22. Comments (Disqus, livefyre)
  23. Q&A (Quora, Yahoo Answers)
  24. Crowd Wisdom (Digg, Mahalo)
  25. Blogs/Microblogs (WordPress, Tumblr)
  26. Social Networks (Facebook, Google+)




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