Continuing our review of social commerce resources on the Web, a presentation below from Ripple6, the social media software company with a community spin on social commerce, entitled “Turning Their Friends into Your Salesforce: Going Beyond Recommendations into Social Commerce”

Top Takeouts

  • Customer reviews are great, but customer reviews from people you know are better; allow users to connect and share recommendations – social recommendations
  • Users want three things from your site 1) timely and useful information, 2) deals – savings, discounts, specials and exclusives, 3) input from people like ourselves recommendations (taken from Ripple6 video)

Top Facts

  • Almost half of online users have made purchases based on social media recommendations – and social media sites are now the most popular source of brand information
  • 54% of online community members visit their community at least once a day (71% rate their their community very or extremely important to them)

Top Cases

  • None covered but Ripple6 work with Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and other CPG brands selling “social insights” (online research panels) software, “brand communities” (“cloud communities” – multiple portal communities distributed over various sites), and social analytics software (word of mouth insights)